19 Nebraska Roof Hail Damage Statistics

Dec 6, 2023 | Roofing, Insurance

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1. Nebraska Hail Reports by month from 1955 to 2015

Roof hail damage in the month of June takes the lead with over 31%, followed by May in second place with 21%, and July securing the third spot with 19%.

2. May 26, 2000 – Norfolk, Nebraska

The city of Norfolk experienced a hailstorm that resulted in property damage exceeding $10 million. Hailstones the size of golf balls wreaked havoc on roofs, windows, vehicles, and crops throughout the affected region.

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3. June 22, 2003 – Aurora, Nebraska

On June 22, 2003, a storm near Aurora, Nebraska made history by producing the largest hailstone ever documented in the state and the largest circumference ever measured. This remarkable hailstone measured 7 inches in diameter and had a circumference of 18.75 inches, solidifying its place as the most significant recorded size in Nebraska.

4. Costliest Hailstorm in Nebraska’s History: June 3, 2014 Pilger, Nebraska

Pilger was struck by a catastrophic hailstorm that inflicted widespread destruction on homes, businesses, and vehicles. The hailstones, reaching sizes comparable to baseballs, caused extensive damage throughout the community. This devastating event led to Nebraska’s largest insurance payout in history, surpassing $400 million in estimated damages.

5. Nebraska ranks among the top 5 states for most hail events per year.

With an annual expected loss of $50.8 million in building damage and population impact, Nebraska holds the second highest hail risk in the US.

6. Hail Damage to Vineyards in the Nebraska Wine Industry: June 10, 2014 at Various vineyards in Nebraska

The Nebraska wine industry suffered significant setbacks as severe hailstorms battered vineyards, resulting in extensive damage to grapevines crucial for winemaking. The hailstorm’s impact on these vineyards caused a decline in production and potential financial losses for vineyard owners in Nebraska.

7. For most hail events in 2022, Nebraska ranked 2nd

Among the top five states, Nebraska claimed the 2nd position in terms of major hail events. With a total of 399 hail events recorded, Nebraska closely trailed Texas, which led with 458 events. Minnesota followed closely behind Nebraska with 387 hail events.

8. Nebraska ranks 2nd in the nation for hail damage risk

In 2022, the per capita expected building losses amounted to $27.81.

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9. June 2023 – Scottsbluff, Nebraska

A hailstorm in June 2023 destroyed a large solar panel field near Scottsbluff, Nebraska, leading to significant financial losses amounting to millions of dollars. The cause of the damage was the impact of baseball-sized hailstones.

10. 2022 – Damages in Nebraska

Hail played a substantial role in contributing to the $4.6 billion in natural disaster damage experienced by Nebraska.

11. The bigger the hailstone, the faster it falls

Hailstones measuring 1 to 1.75 inches in diameter fall at velocities ranging from 25 to 40 mph, while larger hailstones the size of baseballs can reach speeds exceeding 100 mph as they descend.

12. Largest hailstone in the US history

On June 23, 2010, Vivian, South Dakota witnessed the largest recorded hailstone, measuring 8 inches in diameter, with a circumference of 18.62 inches, and weighing 1 lb. 5 oz.

13. Part of Hail Alley

The region where Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming converge, commonly referred to as “Hail Alley”, is recognized as the area in North America where hail occurrences are most prevalent.

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14. Hailstone size

Hailstones that exceed 1 inch in diameter are classified as “severe”.

15. Hail duration

Typically, hailstorms persist for a duration ranging from a few minutes up to 15 minutes.

16. Hail Detection

By utilizing radar, hail can be detected effectively. NSSL’s Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm (HCA) employs a dual-polarization technology that enables automated categorization of ten distinct types of radar echoes, distinguishing between large raindrops and hail among others.

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17. March 2023 – analysis by State Farm

In 2022, the company experienced a significant increase in hail claims, resulting in a payout of over $3.5 billion, which was more than $1 billion higher than the previous year. This increase in claims, along with inflation, contributed to the higher payout amount. State Farm’s top states for hail claims included Minnesota, Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, and Nebraska.

18. 2019 Hail Loss claims

According to the Insurance Information Institute’s rankings of states with the highest hail loss claims in 2019, Nebraska secured the 3rd position with a total of 56,897 loss claims. Out of the 10 states listed, Nebraska was among the top three in terms of hail-related losses.

19. Hail Season

While the most active hail season in Nebraska is May thru June, hail can fall as late as September and October.


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