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Millard Roofing, a trusted name since 2001, specializes in working with specialty roofs that require extra attention and expertise. Our skilled team has the know-how and experience to tackle unique projects, including historical homes, luxury properties, and homes with non-traditional roof shapes or those that use specialty roofing materials. We understand that these projects demand a higher level of craftsmanship, and we’re committed to delivering just that. When you choose Millard Roofing, you can trust our seasoned professionals to handle your specialty roof with the care and precision it deserves, ensuring your home stands out for all the right reasons.

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Millard Roofing Reviews

There is no better roofing and gutter business around! The process they have to make homeowners feel at ease is incredible! Cole and everyone at Millard Roofing and Gutter were top notch! Thank you!
Recently our roof started leaking and we decided to call Millard Roofing. Justin Alley came to check out the roof and give us the estimates. Millard Roofing is one of the companies where honest people work and Justin is proof of this. He was able to find the issue and expressed to me that in order to fix that there is no need to replace the whole roof. I appreciate his honesty and his great work. Thank you Justin and thank you Millard Roofing!!!
Justin was just here!We needed MR to take a look at our roof for damage after a recent storm with hail...and he had good news - our roof was in great shape!Justin was on time, friendly & knowledgeable...we will definitely work with Millard Roofing in the future, if needed.Thanks Justin!
A major storm hit our area in June of 2022, we called Millard Roofing the next day. Cole was quick to respond. Upon a full house inspection, we learned that our house had sustained much more damage than we had initially thought. While at times, it felt drawn out, due to negotiations with our insurance company, we were never left without some form of communication from Millard roofing. The whole process felt practically stress free because Millard Roofing handled it all for us.Once the repairs were approved, everything was set up for us. We always received a call asking to set up a time/date for measurements, bringing samples for our review, and scheduling each phase of the repairs necessary.When the work started, ALL crews were professional and shown outstanding work ethic. They cleaned up each day and kept open communication on what would be next or if they needed to work at little extra to keep things on track. They were above and beyond what we expected, for example, the siding crew and window crew noticed that one of our dogs decided to bolt from our yard while they were working. They dropped everything to chase him down and bring him back home.Compassionate, committed and honest in what they do. I would 100% recommend Millard Roofing! We cannot thank you enough for everything!!
I would like to share my experience with Kim Britton from Millard Roofing & Gutter today. He was so nice and kind . After checking my roof, because I’m not good in English, he patiently explained to me about the problems of my house and then show me what I should do and who I need to reach out to fix for that. I would like to recommend to someone who need help for roof.Thank you for coming today!Tracy Ly.
Justin came and quickly inspected, and did a couple repairs. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you!
Six stars!!! Millard Roofing helped me navigate storm damage repair with my insurance company and the experience was honestly amazing. I've had roof repairs over my many years of adulting and have been generally well taken care of, but Millard Roofing went beyond the pale. From Cole's and Jayme's careful attention, excellent communication, and patience with the ins company all the way to the crew's clean up (I didn't find a single nail that they missed...I didn't think that was even possible!). I strongly recommend that you start with Millard Roofing. They provide a full customer care experience and you will not, at any point in the process, feel like you're in the dark.
We hired Millard Roofing to take a look at our roof after a bad hail storm. Justin A. has been wonderful to work with. Once we were approved for a new roof he got a team out quickly and when there was some water damage from unexpected rain he made sure it was taken care of. He has helped walk us through the entire process and communicated with our insurance company which is so helpful to a busy mom of two little ones. We would definitely recommend Millard Roofing to anyone looking at having work done to their home.

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Specialty Roofing FAQ

What is considered a specialty roof?

Specialty roofs include historical homes, luxury properties, or homes with non-traditional roof shapes, as well as roofs using unique or specialty materials. These Omaha-area roofs often require specialized skills and techniques to ensure proper installation, repair, and maintenance.

How does Millard Roofing ensure its team has the expertise required for specialty roofing projects?

Our team of professionals undergoes continuous training and education in industry best practices, staying up-to-date on the latest techniques and materials required for specialty roofing projects. Only our most experienced craftsmen work on specialty roofing projects in Omaha.

Does Millard Roofing provide custom solutions for specialty roofs?

Absolutely. We understand that specialty roofs require tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each project. Our team works closely with clients to develop custom strategies that cater to their specific requirements and preferences.

Are there specific materials used for specialty roofs?

Specialty roofing materials can include slate, wood shakes, synthetic products, or custom metal roofing, among others. The choice of material often depends on the architectural style, historical context, or specific client preferences.

Does Millard Roofing offer a warranty for specialty roofing projects?

Yes, we provide warranties for our workmanship and the materials used in specialty roofing projects. This ensures that our clients receive the best protection for their unique investment.

How do I know if my home requires a specialty roofing service?

If your Omaha-area home features a non-traditional roof shape, uses unique or specialty materials, or has a historical or architectural significance, it may require specialty roofing services. Our team at Millard Roofing can assess your roofing needs during a consultation and recommend the appropriate services.

Can Millard Roofing work with historical preservation requirements?

Yes, our team is knowledgeable about historical preservation requirements and is skilled in working within these guidelines to ensure the preservation and restoration of historically significant roofs.

Does Millard Roofing help navigate the insurance claim process?

At Millard Roofing, we have years of experience helping homeowners navigate the insurance claim process for roof repairs or replacement. We understand that the process can be complicated and overwhelming, which is why we’re here to guide homeowners through every step. We begin by assessing the damage and helping homeowners document the extent of the damage, which is necessary for filing a claim. From there, we work with the insurance adjuster to ensure that the claim is properly evaluated and that the homeowner receives the compensation they are entitled to. We communicate with the homeowner throughout the process and keep them informed of the progress. Our goal is to make the process as stress-free as possible for the homeowner while ensuring that the repairs are done properly and to code. We take pride in helping homeowners restore their properties and providing them with peace of mind during the challenging process of navigating insurance claims.

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Specialty Roofing Service Area

Our service area extends beyond Omaha to include the following Nebraska communities: Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Bennington, Blair, Elkhorn, Fremont, Gretna, La Vista, Papillion, Springfield, and all cities in between.