Commercial Roofing Services

At Millard Roofing, we have the experience needed to install your next commercial roof. Whether you’re looking for simple repairs or an entire replacement, trust our team for a job done right. We offer free roof inspections to evaluate the state of your current roof and make recommendations based on our professional knowledge.


Your roof does more than impact the appearance of your property. It also protects your investment in your business and associated assets. So, how do you balance the cost of roof repair or replacement with the value of the building? We’re here to provide answers! Our full-service commercial roofing services focus on benefiting both your business, and your bottom line.

Commercial Roofing Systems

From flat and steep roofing, apartments and multi-unit dwellings, retail, manufacturing, retail and specialty buildings – we cover it all. We understand the specialized aspects that each property and each type of roofing system presents so that we can provide you with timely, accurate and detailed estimates and timelines. What’s more, we can ensure our ability to meet your expectations for quality, appearance and performance – letting you focus on your business, rather than your roof.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

Weather, wear, and age can all impact your roof. When it needs repair, it’s important to call in the experts. We have extensive knowledge and experience with all types of commercial roofs and are able to determine the potential for any additional problems related to the situation – making recommendations to remediate the current problem and mitigate the potential for future problems.