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Service isn’t just a list of what we do. It’s also a great way to describe our approach to working with your approach. In fact, service is what Millard Roofing is known for. From free inspections to well-documented recommendations and even digital photos before and after the project, we understand what full-service means. So, whether you need a contractor for a residential project, you know that our experienced and qualified team will take care of every detail – from start to finish – so you can focus on all the other things in your life that are important to you.


Residential Roofing

Whether it’s the result of age or weather, a problem with your roof is the last thing you want to worry about. Our approach at Millard Roofing is to make the entire process as worry-free as possible. That’s why we provide the complete range of residential roofing services, along with high-quality products from the most-trusted brands and a process that ensures your needs are met – every step of the way. No wonder Millard Roofing is one of the most-preferred roofing contractors in the area.

Roof Replacement

Having your roof replaced feels a lot better when you rely on Millard Roofing. We take the time to provide a thorough inspection, noting all the details of your home’s roofing system, along with any other areas that may have been impacted and need attention. Most importantly, we involve you in the process – explaining our recommendations and our process, and presenting you with a variety of roofing styles and materials that look as great as they perform. From support systems, underlayment, waterproofing and venting to the actual installation and finishing details – your roof replacement goes according to plan with Millard Roofing.

Roof Repairs

Depending on the age of your roof and the extent of wear or damage, Millard Roofing is able to save you the time, expense and trouble of a complete roof replacement with our roof repair services. Our people are very thorough in their examination of the damage, noting details that others might miss – but that can impact the performance of your roof in the future. We then provide you with a written estimate and explain our findings, as well as our recommendations. Then, we get to work right away, so you can get back to your life, with the confidence of knowing that your roof will continue to protect you, your family and your home.

New Roofing

At Millard Roofing, we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built over the years. In fact, we have customers who insist on using us over everyone else. So, when they build a new home, remodel or renovate that requires a new roof, we’re often the company they call. We’re happy to work with your architect or builder to make recommendations about roofing structures, materials and technologies to ensure your new roof meets the aesthetics, performance and style you desire. And, Millard Roofing ensures that our craftsmanship and expertise in the installation of your new roof will make you want to work with us again.

Types of Roofing:


By far the most-common roof type in the country, they’re also the most popular type of shingle we use at Millard Roofing as well. While they come in an amazing array of styles and colors, their basic construction is the same – with a woven, fiberglass base is covered with asphalt and then a layer of ceramic granules. Together, these shingles provide waterproofing, as well as protection from the sun’s rays.


For people who love the look of wood shake shingles, tile or even slate on homes throughout Nebraska & Iowa – composite roofing, installed by Millard Roofing is a great option. These poly-based products are less labor-intensive to install than the ‘real thing’ and they’re also easier to maintain. Millard Roofing can show you a variety of styles and colors – that last from 20 to 50 years and provide the durability you’re looking for in a roof. 


There’s a reason archeologists continue to find clay roof structures and its because they are extremely durable and a great option for roofing for homes. When installed by professional roofing contractors, like Millard Roofing, clay roofs are molded into rounded shaped that interlock to make your roof durable, waterproof and protected.  These roofs can give your home a classic appearance all while keeping it dry.


If you haven’t looked at metal roofs in a while, you might be surprised at the variety of styles available today through Millard Roofing. In addition to the traditional corrugated panels, these metal roofs fit right in with the style of many homes and are amazing at protecting from weather, fire and rot. Metal roofs provide longevity and durability that many forms of roofing cannot, which is why they’re growing in popularity throughout Nebraska & Iowa.


Amazingly dense and strong, slate roofs are extremely durable, non-combustible and waterproof. and have a distinctive appearance. They’re also labor-intensive to install and require a level of expertise that Millard Roofing is able to provide. Slate is still quarried and available in different color variations. The distinctive appearance makes it a popular choice.


These distinctive wood shingles still retain their appeal – and in some cases are still indicated as part of building codes in certain developments and neighborhoods. Either machine-cut as shingles or hand-split for less uniformity, Millard Roofing is able to install these to last. Wood shakes can give your home a unique appearance and last for years.


One of the fastest growing areas of roofing materials, synthetic or green roofs allow you the ability to have the appearance of shake, shingle, slate, tile and other roofs, using materials like rubber and plastic – new or recycled. We can help with recommendations about specific products and manufacturers – and make sure they’re installed correctly.


Whether your home is historic or presents architectural challenges, Millard Roofing has the expertise necessary to understand the specific challenges – and address them. So, you’re able to preserve the appearance, authenticity and structure of your roofing system, knowing it will stand up to weather and time.

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