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Dec 8, 2023 | Roofing, Insurance

Hail Damagenebraska hail damage statistics

Hail Damage


Nebraska’s weather patterns bring a significant risk of hail damage, particularly to roofing. Statistics show that the months of June, May, and July, in descending order, are the peak times for hail in Nebraska, with June leading at 31%. Notably, Norfolk, Nebraska, witnessed a costly hailstorm on May 26, 2000, where golf ball-sized hail caused extensive damage. Aurora, Nebraska’s June 22, 2003 event stands out for hailstones big enough to punch holes in roofs. The state has also faced some of the most expensive hail-related destruction, including a $400 million incident on June 3, 2014, in Pilger, and it ranks second in the U.S. for hail costs. In 2022, Nebraska was once again reminded of nature’s fury with costly hail events, underlining the critical need for robust hail prevention and repair strategies.

Nebraska’s vineyards felt the impact of a June 10, 2014 hailstorm, highlighting how hail not only affects rooftops but also the agriculture industry. These events emphasize the importance of hail vigilance across sectors. Hail damage prevention and response are key, with measures such as hail detection devices becoming essential to mitigate losses. In the broader context, Nebraska sits prominently in “Hail Alley,” which includes Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming – regions known for frequent and severe hail occurrences. The state has also experienced some record-breaking hailstones, with the largest in U.S. history measuring nearly 8 inches in diameter on June 22, 2003, in Aurora.

The implications of hail damage are vast, affecting individual homes and industries alike, leading to insurance claims reaching staggering numbers. In 2018, Nebraska’s hail losses contributed to the state being among the top three in terms of hail-related insurance claims. Furthermore, the state’s roofers are well-versed in repairing hail damage, as the hail season, predominantly from May to September, keeps them in steady demand. This consistent hail risk underscores the importance of proper roof maintenance and the use of resilient materials to withstand the impact of these frequent and severe weather events.

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