Elegant Roof Replacement | Why Your Roof Needs an Inspection After a Hail Storm

Jan 12, 2024 | Insurance, Hail Damage, Roofing, Roof Leaks

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When dark storm clouds gather and hailstones start to fall it might be time for an elegant roof replacement, your roof becomes the first line of defense for your home.

Hailstorms can destroy your rooftop, leading to hidden damage that may threaten its integrity in the long run.

That is why an in-depth inspection of your roof after the hail storm will be critical to ascertain any possible problems and have a proper approach towards them.

In this article, we will focus on why you should check your roof after a hailstorm is over and explain how Millard Roofing can ensure that your home stays safe in the long run.

Steps to take after a Hail Storm hit your area

It is also important to take immediate action after a hail storm has passed through your area.

Here are the essential steps to follow:

Safety First:

Safety first, you and your family. If the storm persists, move indoors until it ends. 

Do not go outside during the storm to eliminate any chance of being injured by falling hailstones.


Check your property from ground level once it is safe to do so. 

Look for any clear signs of damage on your roof like obvious dents, missing shingles or debris lying around in the yard. 

This preliminary assessment will determine if an in-depth inspection has to be done.

Document the Damage:

Documenting hail damage is crucial. 

Take clear and detailed pictures from different angles to capture the full effects of what had occurred. 


These visual records will be useful for insurance claims and help roofing professionals during the assessment.

Check for Other Damage:

Although you should pay most attention to your roof, also check other weak parts of your property like windows, siding , gutters and outdoor structures. 

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Hailstones may also damage beyond the roof, therefore is important to deal with such a problem promptly.

Hail Damage Roof Inspection:

When it comes to inspecting your roof for hail damage, you have two options:

Thorough DIY or bringing in a professional roofing contractor to conduct an extensive evaluation.

Through DIY Inspection

DIY inspection helps you to get an initial sense of your roof condition after a hail storm.

Water Spots on Ceiling

Looking at your roof from the ground level, inspecting gutters and downspouts for signs of damages as well house’s interior to determine if there is any leakage or stains.

While a DIY inspection allows to get some general idea, it may not be able to find hidden or subtle damages that can threaten the integrity of your roof.

Professional Roofing Inspection for Elegant Roof Replacement

These specialists can find even the smallest signs of hail damage and weak spots.

They thoroughly inspect your roof’s structural integrity, investigate flashings, vents, chimneys and leave an elaborate report detailing the damage done to it and what repairs are necessary.

Roof Vent From Inside Attic

Insurance companies often require professional inspections, which provide a full appraisal making sure that all damages are properly addressed.

Combining both approaches will give you a deeper insight into the status of your roof, and this in turn can help you make well-informed decisions about any repairs or replacement that may be necessary.

And Millard Roofing can help you with that.

They offer free inspection!

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A comprehensive inspection whether done personally or professionally is critical towards maintaining the longevity and usefulness of your roof after a hail storm.

Steps in the Insurance Claims Process

Hail damage can be complicated and frustrating affairs to navigate through the insurance claims process.

However, understanding the process clearly can help you in simplifying and speeding up your claim.

Here are some key points to consider when navigating through the insurance claims process for hail damage.

Prompt Reporting:

As soon as you notice that your roof has been damaged by hail, call your insurance company to file the necessary claims. 

hail storm documentation

A substantial number of insurance policies have defined periods to report damage, so it is critical not delaying.

Document the Damage:

Record the hail damage in detail before making any temporary repairs. 

Capture clear pictures from every angle and show all visible markings of damage. 


These images will act as critical evidence to support claims.

Consult Your Policy:

Know what particulars your insurance policy covers such as limits, deductibles and exclusions. 

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Knowing your policy’s terms and conditions will help you navigate the claim process as well as manage what to expect.

Meet with an Adjuster:

Your insurance company will probably send an adjuster to evaluate the hail damage. 

adjuster check | elegant roof replacement

Attend the inspection and submit your prepared documentation – pictures, other proof of damage. 

Make sure you relay all the details and answer their questions correctly.

Obtain Multiple Estimates:

It is wise to get estimates from reputable roofing contractors for comparison with the adjuster’s determination.

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This will enable you to ensure that the proposed repairs match with reality of the damage. 

Remember to select licensed and insured contractors for reliable estimates like Millard Roofing

Review Your Claim Settlement:

After the adjuster’s evaluation, your insurance company will offer you a settlement amount. 

Perform a thorough review of the offer and compare it with your estimates. 

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If you feel apprehensive or think that the agreement is not enough, then you could negotiate with your insurer.

Or if have more proof on how considerable this damage was, introduce them as well.

Proceed with Repairs:

After the claim settlement is completed you can undertake necessary repairs. 

It’s advisable to select a registered and reputed roofing contractor who can deal with the hail damage professionally. 

Store all receipts and documents concerning repairs for the future.

Prevention of Future Hail Damage to Your Roof

Regular Maintenance

Conduct regular visual inspections, clean gutters and overhanging branches, provide proper attic ventilation.

Prompt Repairs

Do not let minor repairs turn into major issues by addressing them as soon as they occur.

After Thought

For significant repairs or new installations, consider impact-resistant roofing options such as impact-resistant shingles, metal roofs, and synthetic materials. 

These options increase the hail damage resistance and durability of your roof. 

Contact a reputable roofing contractor to help you decide on the most suitable option that meets your needs and budget.

If you have roofing concerns, try contacting Millard Roofing to be assured that the reliable and trusted service was delivered without any hassle. 

What distinguishes them from other companies is their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and professionalism that makes this company reputable in terms of the services provided by roofing. 

Millard Roofing offers free roof inspection.

For all your roofing needs be it small repairs or full roof replacement, Millard Roofing can serve as a dependable partner.


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