Synthetic Roofing Services

Synthetic Roofing Installation and Repairs

There are more options for synthetic roof coverings out there than ever before. Synthetic roofing tiles, panels, shingles and shakes provide a cost-effective choice for customers who don’t want to compromise quality for affordability. Millard Roofing & Gutter offers installation and repair services for a wide variety of synthetic roof coverings.

Synthetic Roof Installations

Let the experts at Millard Roofing & Gutter handle your synthetic roofing installation. We can replace your roof material with synthetic options such as:

  • Composite slate tiles
  • Synthetic shakes and shingles
  • Replicated clay tiles
  • Plastic roof sheets and panels

The benefits of synthetic roofing depend on the specific material and brand. Synthetic roof materials can be made out of a blend of compounds like rubbers, polymers, minerals and asphalt. Common reasons customers choose synthetic roofing include:

  • Sustainability: Many synthetic roofing products consist of recycled materials like plastic and rubber. Also, once you finish using a synthetic covering for your home, you can often recycle it.
  • Nature resistance: Synthetic materials can withstand UV rays, weather, algae and mold. Compared to their natural counterparts, they often offer more durability in storms. For example, synthetic slate doesn’t break as easily as natural slate.
  • Weight: While some roofing structures can’t support heavier materials like slate or clay, they can hold synthetic versions because of their lighter weight. Since many synthetic solutions can be easily cut and fitted, they make installation simple.

If you decide to get a synthetic roof, you have a lot of decisions to make. Fortunately, we can give you more information during an initial consultation to make the choice easier.

Synthetic Roofing Repairs

Hailstorms and other weather events that commonly happen in Nebraska and Iowa can blow synthetic roofing tiles away or loosen other types of synthetic roof coverings. Without their protection, you can experience leaks and other damage that can become worse when left unattended. Not every kind of synthetic roofing has protective coatings that resist flame, so a house fire can destroy some materials too.

No matter what happens to damage your roofing, you can rest assured that Millard Roofing & Gutter will fix it. We work with a wide variety of synthetic roofing materials and can replace damaged roofing with ease.

Unlike many roofing companies, we don’t just staff roofers — we employ insurance specialists. Our team understands what comprehensive roof repairs cost and is willing to work with your insurance company to ensure you get the repairs your home needs.  Get a free roof inspection today!

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