Benefits of Impact Resistant Shingles for Nebraska Homeowners

Dec 14, 2023 | Roofing, Hail, Roof Leaks, Roof Shingles

 Nebraska homeowners face the relentless forces of nature, from severe storms to hailstorms that can wreak havoc on their roofs.

Given the increasing trend of severe weather conditions in a climate, it is necessary to use long-lasting roofing material.

This is where the use of impact-resistant shingles becomes relevant.

These shingles are designed with superior abilities to protect the house against strong winds, wind storms, heavy rains, hails and other destructive natural forces.

This article focuses on the benefits that impact resistant shingles provide to Nebraskan home owners.

These include durability, affordability, energy efficiency, as well as a sense of security for protecting probably the most important investment – their homes.

The knowledge of the various advantages allows homeowners to be well-placed to provide durable roofs that would withstand the various Nebraska weather patterns.



What are impact-resistant shingles?

Hail-resistant shingles are referred to as impact-resistant shingles.

This is a specialized roofing material resistant for natural phenomena such as hail, storm or other catastrophes.

Such material is normally constructed of a mix of reinforced asphalt and resilient and wear-resisting sheet.

Hail-resistant shingles go through stringent testing to ensure they can withstand the impact of different sized hailstones at various speeds.

Style and colour options make impact-resistant shingles aesthetically appealing for both traditional homes and modern designs.


class 4 UL 2218 impact test

What is impact resistance testing?

Hail impact resistance testing is a very important procedure used to assess how tough shingles are and their reliability as protection against hailstones. 

During the UL 2218 test, a method is employed where steel balls are dropped onto the surface of the shingles to replicate the impact of hailstones.

This rigorous testing procedure aims to evaluate the durability of the most vulnerable parts of a roof, including edges, corners, unsupported sections, and joints.

The impact resistance of cracks, tears, and pierces of the shingles is evaluated.

The impact resistance of shingles is classified into different levels, ranging from Class 1 to Class 4.

Class 4 represents the highest level of impact resistance.

To attain this rating, shingles must endure the impact of a steel ball without cracking.

The classification of the shingles is determined by the size of the steel balls dropped from a height of 20 feet onto the shingle surface:

hail testing steel ball

Hail-resistant shingles that are rated Class 4 impact-resistant are the strongest protection to hail damage.

Impact-resistant shingles give Nebraska homeowners’s piece of mind as they go through extensive impact resistance tests to meet the industry standards. 

Shingles that are granulated or laminated give additional shield for hail and wind therefore reducing expensive repairs. 

class 4 shingle roof

Why should you use impact resistant shingles?

Enhanced Durability

The modern impact-resistant shingle roofing option is expected to be more durable than conventional roofing systems.

Hailstones or any debris may cause the roofing material to crack, tear, or even puncture; therefore, they offer additional protection to the building’s inner construction.

Consequently, this enhances the durability that enables homes to last longer and the cost of maintenance is minimized.

Superior Hail Protection

Impact-resistant shingles are built tough so that they can easily survive the attack of the powerful hailstorms that often strike Nebraska.

These shingles are stronger in their construction and resistant towards fractures – meaning, there will be less risk of damaging a roof with such shingles, especially after such severe climate conditions.

Wind Resistance

Wind gusts are more severe in Nebraska, especially when a storm occurs.

Shingles have been developed to be impact-resistant and can withstand any wind without a shingle blowing off or damage to them.

These tiles have superior wind performance which prevents roof leakages and ensure strength in order to support the whole house.


However, the high initial cost of the impact-resistant shingles will be justified in the long run.

These shingles last for long thus requiring replacement less often, possibly saving the home owner some maintenance costs.

Likewise, some insurance firms give discounts on the premiums or rewards to users for having impact-resistant roof coverings that are highly durable during severe weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Reflectivity also helps mitigate the absorption of solar-generated heat in impact resistant shingles.

This will help reduce the amount of heat that is transmitted inside the house and thus enhance energy efficiency in a homestead.

This can reduce cooling costs in warm Nebraska summers.

shingle roof repair


For those Nebraska homeowners who are having their roofs replaced or installed, it is worth noting that they should give much thought on having impact-resistant shingles as their roof.

Always remember you can contact professional roofers like Millard Roofing, their expertise will guarantee the durability of your roof.

There are more roofing materials you can choose from and opting for such durable resilient and tested shingles will help guarantee long-term protection and peace of mind to homeowners. 

It is reassuring to know that their roofs can withstand even the harshest weather, thus protecting one of the most valuable investments – their houses.


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