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We do more than repair roofs.
We restore peace of mind.

There’s more to weathering the storm than waiting for the winds to subside. Sometimes what follows can feel much worse – insurance adjusters, estimates and determining the extent of damage. And how do you resolve any disputes between the cost of repairs and the reimbursement you receive from your insurance company? You turn to Millard Roofing. We’re not only the area’s most-respected roofing company, we’re also your fiercest advocate. So you’ll have what you need to get your home – and your peace of mind – back the way it should be.


The right products for the best results.

You want the decisions you make today to continue to produce great results well into the future. That’s why Millard Roofing uses the best-performing products, from the most-trusted manufacturers, installed by our experienced professionals. We continue to ensure quality, safety and performance with industry certifications, awards and recognition that tells you that the work we do today will continue to perform the way it needs to.

Protecting your investment
in home and business.

It’s more than the financial investment you make in your home and business. It’s the pride of ownership, what it says about your attention to detail and the need to protect what’s on the inside of the structures that are most important to you. It’s the same with Millard Roofing. Our services are delivered with a degree of craftsmanship, professionalism and efficiency to ensure that we meet your expectations at every step – no matter what.

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