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commercial lowslopeA roof that is flat or only has a slight pitch is known as a low-slope roof. No roof should be perfectly “flat,” although they often appear that way at first glance. Every roof should have some kind of intentional pitch to allow for water drainage, even if that pitch is slight. It is often difficult to spot problems with low slope roofs because the area where water is appearing in a building is usually not directly where the roof has an actual leak. A structurally sound low slope roof should not have any areas of standing water. Areas of standing water are typically the result of sagging roof decking or poor drainage planning.

commercial lowslope

For decades, Millard Roofing has been dedicated to fixing and installing low slope roofing materials. Over the years, we’ve encountered many interesting issues! From old buildings to new construction to retro-fit, when it comes to solving low slope roof problems, Millard Roofing has done it all. Not to mention we’ve done it with outstanding results! Our company has worked to build strong relationships with the best commercial roof manufacturers in the industry, so you can be certain you are being provided with unparalleled quality and industry guarantees.

To get the best guaranties, quality, and roofing value for your commercial roof project, have Nebraska’s top roofing contractor do the job!

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